Renault Approved Repairs

Myles are an official approved repairer in the Ayr, Ayrshire area for Renault vehicles.

Approved Repairer

Renault Approved Vehicle Repairer Ayr, Ayrshire

Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres like Myles in Ayr, Ayrshire meet Renault’s rigorous standards for service and quality, and they can ensure your car and warranty are fully protected to the level of quality that you purchased it at and therefore ensure that you keep your Renault 100% Renault.

Myles use the Renault's recommended methods for repairing your vehicle, with original parts and paint to match your vehicle, ensuring that the 12-year anti-corrosion warranty on your vehicle is maintained.

As technology changes dramatically, Myles invest heavily in training programmes to ensure our technicians meet the high standards required to maintain Renault vehicles.

Only Renault Approved Accident Repair Centres will issue you a 5 Year Repair Guarantee which will help maintain the pre-accident value of your vehicle.

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