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31 Mar

A Guide to Capturing Damage on Your Car in Ayr

When it comes to documenting damage on your car for repair at our bodyshop in Ayr, Ayrshire, clear and comprehensive images are the key to a successful estimate. Whether you're using a camera or a smartphone, follow our guidelines to ensure that the bodyshop team receives the information they need to provide an accurate estimate.

Images Required:

1. Capture the Chassis or VIN number, usually located in the bottom corner of the windscreen or on a sticker in the door column.

2. Include shots of both the front and rear number plates, displaying any model badges on the bonnet, boot, or tailgate.

3. Highlight specific sub-model badges on the sides of the vehicle, typically found on wings or doors.

4. Take a clear image of the dashboard with the ignition turned on, revealing the current mileage and any warning lights.

5. Provide images of the complete vehicle from about 2 metres away to show the entire damaged area and offer insights into the impact direction.

6. Take closer shots from 1 metre away to better understand the extent of the damage.

7. Include specific close-ups showcasing details of the damaged parts and areas.

Do's and Don'ts - Top Tips:

  • Do ensure the vehicle is clean and parked in an open area for better manoeuvrability.
  • Do take pictures from different angles and distances to provide a comprehensive view.
  • Do take plenty of pictures, around 10-15, to ensure no detail is overlooked.
  • Do keep the camera steady to avoid blurred images, enabling zooming for a closer look.
  • Don't zoom in excessively, as it may lose context and scale; the body shop can zoom in as needed.
  • Don't allow reflections in the pictures that may obscure the damage.
  • Don't capture photos that are too dark or fail to portray the true extent of the damage.

Please note that while we understand that serious and hidden damage may not be fully estimated through photos alone, our friendly team at Myles Paint & Alloy Centre Ayr will contact you to arrange an appointment for a more in-depth assessment of your vehicle if necessary. 


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