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31 Jan

New Year. New Car. SMART Repairs.

As we step into the New Year, why not make your car is on your New Year resolution list? 

Here at Myles Paint & Alloy Centre in Ayr, Ayrshire we offer a range of car repair services and can offer professional advice on all things automotive. 

Bid farewell to those annoying scratches, chips, or dents by giving your vehicle the attention it deserves. 

Whether you're looking to trade your vehicle in, or you just want to give your vehicle a little TLC, at Myles Paint & Alloy Centre in Ayr, Ayrshire is your go-to solution for quick and affordable cosmetic SMART Repairs.

At Myles Paint & Alloy Centre we don't just carry out major accident repair work at our bodyshop in Ayr we also complete hundreds of cosmetic SMART repairs every year, many carried out in a single day, without the need for more costly repairs.

SMART, short for Small Medium Area Repair Technique, encompasses minor fixes like scratches, dents, scuffs, and paint chips. Addressing both interior and exterior discrepancies, we've got you covered.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in the latest SMART Repair techniques and bodyshop repair methods, including paintless dent removal and plastic welding. This ensures that you receive car repairs at a reasonable cost, all without the need to pay your insurance excess.

Myles Paint & Alloy Centre specialises in delivering a prompt, professional, and cost-effective SMART repair service. Whether your car needs attention for bumper scuffs, cracks, scrapes, small bodywork dents, or even upholstery leather scuffs and tears, we've got the expertise to get your vehicle back to showroom condition.

Connect with our friendly bodyshop team in Ayr, Ayrshire today to schedule an estimate and kick off the New Year with a fresh and flawless vehicle!


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