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21 Jun

Tips for Minimising End-of-Lease Repair Charges

Navigating the end of your car lease doesn't have to be a financial headache. Here at Myles Coachworks accident repair centre in Ayr Ayrshire we offer a range of car repair services and can offer professional advice on all things automotive. 

Understanding the potential pitfalls and taking proactive steps can save you from unexpected charges. Here's a guide on how to prepare your vehicle for inspection and avoid penalties that may arise from damages deemed beyond 'fair wear and tear.' 

1. Review Your Lease Policy: Before your vehicle inspection, thoroughly review the terms of your lease contract. Familiarise yourself with the guidelines on what is considered acceptable wear and tear to ensure you are well-prepared.

2. Attend the Inspection: Be present for your vehicle inspection to address any concerns or questions directly with the inspector. This allows you to have a clear understanding of the condition assessment and discuss potential charges in real-time.

3. Prioritise a Detailed Clean: Presenting your vehicle in its best condition is key. Ensure the exterior is sufficiently clean inside and out, facilitating a detailed inspection. This cleanliness not only showcases your care for the vehicle but also aids in identifying any damages accurately.

Common Problems to Address:

  • • Chips or dents on the vehicle body, bumpers, and trim.
  • • Tyre, alloy wheel, and trim damage resulting from kerbing.
  • • Scuffs, scratches, and scrapes on the paintwork.
  • • Tears, burns, or stains on the upholstery.
  • • Cracked or scratched windows, glass, door mirrors, and lamps.

Proactive Measures Before Return: 

The BVRLA recommends inspecting your vehicle for damage 10-12 weeks before the return date. This timeframe allows ample opportunity to address any necessary repairs, steering clear of last-minute stress and charges.

To help our customers to avoid heavy end of contract penalties on leased and rented vehicles, Myles Coachworks in Ayr offers a mid or end of lease contract car body repair and refurbishment service.

By adhering to these proactive measures, you can approach the end of your car lease with confidence, minimising the risk of unexpected charges and ensuring a smooth transition.

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